Passive Fire Training Courses

Passive Fire Protection Intermediate Award (PFPIA)

Target audience

Our course is specifically designed to cater to industry professionals whose work is directly influenced by the Passive Fire Protection industry or who hold overall responsibility for managing surveys, inspections, or installations. This includes: 

Site installers (PFP), Site Supervisors (PFP), Building Owners, NVQ Assessors, New NVQ Installer Candidates, Fire Risk Assessors, & anyone looking for a stepping-stone into the PFP industry or change of trade.

Key Features

  • Courses taught by industry professionals
  • Course material handouts and guidance provided
  • Regular quizzes on various industry subjects
  • Live examples of fire protection installation on training walls
  • Test your knowledge with a virtual reality fire-stopping survey

Upon Completion

The course finishes with a multiple-choice exam. Once you have passed the assessment your credentials will be submitted to FireQual and you will receive a certificate of achievement, which can be used to demonstrate your competency as working professional in this sector. The certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of completing the assessment.

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Course outline

Part Course Content
Fire Dynamics & Effects of Construction
Fire Disasters
General Overview of the Regulations & Guidance's
Industry Responsibilities
Looking at Expanding PU Foam
Understanding Compartmentation
Understanding Passive Fire Protection
Penetration Sealing Products and Uses
Sealing Ducts & Dampers
Cavity Barriers
Problems with Fire-stopping Existing Buildings
Multiple Choice Exam & Virtual Reality Survey

About Our Passive Fire Protection Intermediate Award Course

Gain an in-depth understanding of Passive Fire Protection with our Intermediate Award Course. Designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this vital area, the course covers essential topics such as industry regulations, fire-stopping products, and installation and checking procedures.

But that’s not all – to enhance your learning experience, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in a virtual reality survey that’ll help you gain a deeper understanding of the key concepts. This interactive element will allow you to apply what you’ve learned in a practical and engaging way, providing a valuable opportunity to consolidate your new knowledge and skills.

We are dedicated to equipping industry professionals with the essential knowledge and skills required to excel in the realm of Passive Fire Protection. Our comprehensive course focuses on product specification, installation practices, and crucial industry inspection procedures. But more importantly, we emphasise the paramount importance of adequately protecting buildings from the devastating impact of fire.

With a tailored approach, our course accommodates diverse industry sectors, recognising the unique challenges and requirements they face in preserving passive fire protection. We understand that each sector plays a vital role, and we are committed to providing the targeted training needed to navigate their specific contexts.


Start your journey to expertise in just two minutes. Quickly register and secure your spot in the course, setting yourself on the path towards becoming a certified professional in Passive Fire Protection (PFP).


Experience hands-on training with the latest tools and techniques in Passive Fire Protection. Our courses are available on-site or off-site. Wherever you are, we deliver the training you need to become a skilled expert.


Demonstrate your understanding by completing the course assessment. Our assessment process is simple and ensures that you have grasped the key concepts, enabling you to move forward confidently.


We waste no time in recognising your accomplishments. Before you know it, you will receive your well-deserved certificate, validating your competence and enhancing your professional profile.


Upon completion and obtaining your intermediate-level certificate, you'll be equipped to confidently handle PFP Systems. You'll be able to demonstrate your competency as working professional in this sector.

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