Passive Fire Training Courses

Passive Fire Protection Advanced Award (PFPAA)

Target audience

This course is ideal for industry professionals who are involved in any form of Passive Fire Protection. This includes: 

Site Managers, Responsible Persons, Building Owners, NVQ Assessors (PFP), Industry Inspectors (3rd Party etc.), Compartmentation Surveyors, Project Managers, Site Supervisors, Fire Risk Assessors & Architects.

Key Features

  • Industry professionals as course instructors, providing real-world insights and practical tips
  • Comprehensive course materials, including handouts and guidance
  • Interactive group-based investigation modules which test your inspection and fault-finding skills
  • Regular quizzes on various industry topics throughout the course
  • Live fire-stopping examples on our training wall – test your inspection skills and determine if they meet compliance standards
  • Virtual reality fire-stopping survey, where you can test your knowledge on identifying faults and assessing compliance

Upon Completion

The course finishes with a combined written and multiple-choice exam. A successful completion will earn you a prestigious certificate of achievement, proving your professionalism in the fire protection sector. This valuable certificate remains valid for three years from the date of assessment completion, allowing you to continuously demonstrate your expertise.

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Course outline

Part Course Content
Fire Dynamics & Effects of Construction
Fire Disasters Group Investigation Events of an Explosion - What Happened?
Regulations & Guidance's
Looking at the Term “Responsible Person” - What Does It Mean?
Compartmentation & Supporting Constructions
Understanding Passive Fire Protection
Importance of Supporting Services & Breakdown of Penetration Sealing Products
Investigating the Issue’s Surrounding the Use of PU Polyurethane Foam
Sealing Ducts & Dampers
Brief Explanation on Why it’s Important to Destructively Test / Check Fire Stopping
Passive Fire Protection to Structural Steel
Passive Fire Protection - Can Anyone Do It? What is Third Party Installer Certification
Case Study – Fire at Bolton Cube Student Apartments
The Hackitt Report & Setting the Bar
Cavity Barriers Group Investigation Looking at a Potential Fault with a Cavity Wall Barrier Installation
Problems with Fire Protecting Existing Buildings
Open Book Exam & Virtual Reality Survey

About Our Passive Fire Protection Advanced Award Course

This 4-Day course will provide an in-depth understanding of Passive Fire Protection and covers a broad range of regulatory standards, products, and scenarios in relation to the fire protection industry.

Candidates will participate in group investigations and a virtual reality fire-stopping survey to enhance their understanding of the topics surrounding the industry.

Our course is thoughtfully designed to equip you with the latest industry knowledge and skills that are vital for success in this dynamic field.

Through this course, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the diverse working practices, product specifications, installation and inspection techniques required in the industry. Armed with comprehensive knowledge and practical insights, not only will you elevate your career to new heights, but you will also play a pivotal role in promoting industry growth and building safety.

We believe that by providing you with the right information, training and tools, you will be able to make informed decisions that contribute to the safety of buildings while establishing yourself as a trusted and competent professional in the field of fire protection.

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We waste no time in recognising your accomplishments. Before you know it, you will receive your well-deserved certificate, validating your competence and enhancing your professional profile.


Our course equips you with the expertise to confidently handle Passive Fire Protection systems. From installation, to inspection and maintenance, you'll have the skills to carry out critical tasks and ensure fire safety.

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