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Prepare to be captivated by our dynamic Health and Safety Manchester training courses that transform learning into a truly immersive and enjoyable experience.

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Ideal for businesses with multiple locations, including the vibrant areas of Manchester, Salford, and Media City, trainingEXP‘s virtual Health and Safety courses offer a convenient and effective fire safety training solution.

Why are we ideal? Because we are based in Manchester itself – we know Manchester-based businesses and their need to ensure their employees are fully trained. With our online courses, you can learn at your own pace and convenience, whether you’re a busy professional or prefer a flexible learning schedule.

Our Online Courses

At trainingEXP, we understand that businesses in Manchester have unique Health and Safety requirements. That’s why we offer a range of comprehensive training courses specifically tailored to meet these needs. Our courses cover a wide variety of topics, ensuring that you and your employees have access to the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a safe and compliant working environment.

From first aid refreshers to specialised topics like asbestos awareness, our online courses are designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses in Manchester. We believe in providing training that is accessible and convenient, which is why our courses are divided into three categories:


At trainingEXP, we offer a range of Workplace Health & Safety Courses that are fully IOSH, IIRSM, and CPD approved, adhering to relevant regulatory standards, including Irish legislation.

Our courses cover all aspects of workplace health and safety, not just fire risks, ensuring comprehensive training. We provide training courses on crucial topics like Emergency Fire Aid, Electrical Safety, Manual Handling, and more.


We provide a variety of Construction Health and Safety Courses that are approved by IIRSM, Gatehouse Awards, CPD, and IATP.

Our comprehensive training covers all aspects of construction-focused health and safety, surpassing basic requirements. Our courses delve into important topics such as Asbestos Awareness for Architects & Designers, Abrasive Wheels, CDM Awareness, and more.


We have a diverse selection of Fire Health & Safety Courses that are approved by esteemed organisations including IOSH, Institute of Hospitality, IIRSM, Gatehouse Awards, IFE, and CPD to businesses in Manchester.

Our courses offer comprehensive training in fire health and safety, covering key areas from fire extinguisher training to fire marshal training. Join us to explore courses such as Basic Fire Safety Awareness for Care Homes, Fire Extinguisher Operation, Fire Marshal Training, and much more.

Why choose trainingEXP for health and safety training in Manchester?

Our experienced professionals have an in-depth knowledge of the Health & Safety industry, bringing real-world experience to the training sessions, and providing practical insights and best practices.

We offer a wide range of Health and Safety courses to meet the diverse needs of businesses in Manchester. Whether you require basic first aid training or specialised courses such as asbestos awareness.

Our courses grant you the freedom to learn at your own pace and convenience. With 24/7 access, you have the flexibility to study wherever and whenever works best for you, ensuring maximum flexibility.

As a local training facility in Manchester, we have an understanding of the unique Health and Safety challenges you face. Our courses are tailored to local regulations and standards, ensuring that the training is directly applicable to your workplace.

Our courses are designed to help you meet regulatory requirements and ensure compliance. Upon completion, you will receive certification, demonstrating your commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

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What is a Responsible Person in Fire sAFETY?

The role of a responsible person in fire safety is paramount for ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone in a building or premises. They oversee the implementation of fire safety measures and possess the knowledge and expertise needed to carry out their duties effectively.

The responsibilities of a responsible person in fire safety are multifaceted. They conduct fire risk assessments to identify hazards and implement preventive measures. This includes minimising risks by implementing safety protocols and ensuring regular maintenance and testing of fire safety equipment.

The responsible person ensures the regular inspection and maintenance of fire safety equipment and conducts fire drills to prepare occupants for emergencies. They also provide fire safety training to staff, educating them on fire prevention, alarm response, and safe evacuation procedures.

How can trainingexp help?

At trainingEXP, we take pride in offering comprehensive Health and Safety training courses in Manchester that are designed with the aim of preparing individuals to fulfil their role as a responsible persons in fire safety.

Our courses cover critical topics such as fire safety regulations and standards, developing and conducting fire risk assessments, developing and implementing emergency response protocols and evacuation procedures. We believe in equipping our learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage fire safety within the premises effectively.

Our experienced trainers help to guide learners on understanding their roles and responsibilities and how to use this knowledge to manage fire safety effectively. Our specialised courses are designed to cater to the needs of individuals tasked with the responsibility of managing fire safety within the premises, including facility managers, building owners, and designated responsible persons.

Health & Safety FAQs

Online Health and Safety training serves the purpose of providing convenient and accessible training opportunities for workers and employers to learn about recognising, avoiding, and preventing safety and health hazards in the workplace.

It can be particularly valuable for remote workers or those with busy schedules.

Online training providers such as trainingEXP offer various courses covering topics such as First Aid, workplace safety, manual handling, and more.

These online courses provide a flexible and efficient way to learn the necessary health and safety skills.

Yes, Health and Safety training can be completed online. All of our Health and Safety courses are conducted online with our classroom Passive Fire Protection training being the only face to face training we currently offer here at trainingEXP.

Online training offers a convenient and flexible option for individuals to receive the necessary knowledge and skills related to health and safety in various industries.

Online Health and Safety training is recognised and accepted as a part of an organisation’s compliance training plan.

The regulatory authorities in the UK, such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), approve several online Health and Safety training courses to help reinforce Health and Safety standards in the workplace.

Yes, upon completion of each course, candidates will receive a certificate.

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