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Learn at Your Own Pace With Our Online Health & Safety Courses

At trainingEXP, we understand that managing staff across multiple locations can be a daunting task for businesses. That’s why our virtual health and safety courses cater to not just Leeds-based companies but businesses across the UK with employees in different places.

With our flexible online courses, you can manage your staff’s training more effectively, reducing downtime for your business.

No matter how busy you are or how non-standard your schedule, our online courses provide you with the opportunity to learn health and safety best practices at a time that suits you. With trainingEXP, you’ll embark on an engaging journey towards enhancing your knowledge and skills and ensure the safety and well-being of your employees and the longevity of your business.

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Our Online Courses

At trainingEXP, we offer a range of comprehensive health and safety courses tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in Leeds. From first aid refreshers to specialised topics like asbestos awareness, our experienced trainers provide up-to-date instruction.

Choose trainingEXP for your health and safety training needs and partner with us to prioritise the safety of your workforce and the success of your business in Leeds. Contact us today to explore our health and safety bundles and embark on your training journey.


At trainingEXP, we provide a diverse range of Workplace Health & Safety Courses that are IOSH, IIRSM, and CPD approved. This means that our courses meet the highest regulatory standards, including Irish legislation.

We go beyond the basics of fire risks to provide comprehensive training in all aspects of workplace health and safety. Our courses cover a wide range of potential hazards that may arise in any workplace.

Some of our popular courses include: Electrical Safety, Emergency Fire Aid, Manual Handling, and more. 


When it comes to Construction Health and Safety, trainingEXP has got you covered. Our courses are IIRSM, Gatehouse Awards, CPD, and IATP approved, ensuring that you receive the highest quality training available.

Our courses provide comprehensive training that covers all aspects of construction-focused health and safety. In addition to the basics, our courses cover a broad range of specialised topics that include Asbestos Awareness, Abrasive Wheels, CDM Awareness, and much more.

Trust us to equip you and your employees with the training you need to succeed.


Safety is crucial in every workplace, and our Fire Health & Safety Courses are designed to help you take the necessary precautions to protect your employees and your property. At trainingEXP, our courses are approved by well-known and respected organisations such as IOSH, Institute of Hospitality, IIRSM, Gatehouse Awards, IFE, and CPD.

Our courses cover everything you need to know about Fire Health & Safety, starting from Fire Extinguisher Training and going on to Fire Marshal training. We provide comprehensive training that ensures your employees know what to do in the event of a fire, how to use firefighting equipment, and how to prevent fires from occurring in the first place.

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What is a Responsible Person in Fire sAFETY?

In accordance with UK fire safety regulations, every building must have a designated responsible person. This individual takes charge of overseeing fire safety measures within the premises, ensuring the safety of occupants and compliance with fire safety protocols.

The responsible person’s role is vital, as they conduct fire risk assessments, implement preventive measures, maintain fire safety equipment, conduct fire drills, and provide staff training. Failure in their responsibilities can lead to legal consequences.

Stay compliant and enhance your skills as a responsible person with trainingEXP. Our online fire safety training is designed to provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to fulfil your role effectively. 

How can trainingexp help?

trainingEXP can assist individuals in fulfilling their role as a responsible person in fire safety through our comprehensive training courses.

We offer specialised training courses that cover topics such as fire safety regulations, fire risk assessment techniques, emergency response protocols, and evacuation procedures.

Our experienced trainers will provide practical knowledge and guidance to help you understand your responsibilities and develop the necessary skills to effectively manage fire safety in your premises. By enrolling in our courses, you can gain the confidence and expertise needed to fulfill your role as a responsible person in fire safety, ensuring the well-being of everyone in your building.

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Why choose trainingEXP for health and safety training in Leeds?

We offer a wide range of health and safety courses to meet the diverse needs of businesses in Leeds. Whether you require basic first aid training or specialised courses such as asbestos awareness, we’ve got you covered.

Our trainers are highly experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of the health and safety industry. They bring real-world experience to the training sessions, providing practical insights and best practices.

Individuals have different schedules & commitments. Our courses allow you to learn at your own pace and at a time that suits you best. You can access the courses from anywhere, providing maximum convenience and flexibility.

Our courses are tailored with businesses in mind, guaranteeing that the training you receive is not only highly relevant but also directly applicable to your unique workplace environment.

Our courses are designed to help you meet regulatory requirements and ensure compliance. Upon completion, you will receive certification, demonstrating your commitment to maintaining a safe working environment.

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